You've done your research, found the car you want, and have agreed upon a purchase price. Now only one thing is between you and driving your new car home: the paperwork. Nothing puts the brakes on your excitement faster than spending hours wading through and signing paperwork.

Here at Hill Buick GMC, we believe that you don't need to suffer through the hand cramps and headaches from squinting at fine print when you buy a car from us. We've made the financing process faster, more convenient, and easier to understand through our docuPAD® system.

The state-of-the-art docuPAD® system from industry leader Reynolds and Reynolds® brings vehicle financing into the 21st century. This digital tabletop device allows you to read, modify, and sign paperwork without having to print a single 
page. That's because docuPAD® uses a large, touch-operated digital screen to display, flip through, and interact with documents.

It functions just like any other computer tablet would, allowing you and our finance officer to zoom in on, type, and write on your purchase and financing contracts in real time. We can even pull up supplementary resources for you before you sign, like explanation videos on optional coverages. If you haven't decided on what additional perks you want to include in the deal, we can instantly add and remove packages to show you how they'll impact the bottom line. No need to crunch numbers on a calculator anymore, thanks to this one-of-a-kind financing experience at Hill Buick GMC.

Our use of the docuPAD® digital tablet is only one of the many ways that Hill Buick GMC makes the car-buying experience easier and more welcoming for you. From your first visit to our showroom to your final signature on your new car, Hill Buick GMC is committed to your satisfaction. Visit us to experience the difference.

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